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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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but doesn't create any value. >> ironically it turns out the best investment in america is politicians. you buy the politicians, you fix the game, not just against the taxpayers, but against your own shareholders, and they say, they ta all the money. we have to fix it. >> you and i together, along with the rest of the folks out there, the separation of state and business. >> absolutely. >> as dangerous as church and state. the african scheme, let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, trash talk. we're hearing a lot of trash talks from presidential hopefuls these day, the latest from newt
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gingrich. he said his work ethic, and catch this, patriotic passion for his country was the real cause of that marital infidelity during the time of the clinton impeachment push. how can they kearse themselves serious contenders when they get caught selling this cockamamie. and he was a supporter of the irish army, a terrorist group, and critics of tomorrow's hearings can't understand how he went from sympathizing with a demonized groups to demonizing american muslims. one of king's friends who worked with him on the northern irish peace process has publicly broke with him over what he called king's strange journey from irish radical to muslim inquestion tore. we're going to talk to him about that. also, time to do battle? some democrats -- some -- are
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calling on the president to take the lead in the budget fight and take a more hawkish role in will ibia. are they right? or is he right? our strategists will get to that one tonight. just when it looks like governor walker is ready to compromise, good old karl rove american cross roads group is talking dirty about the unions. and the duke and the dauphin of the back country. let as start with newt gingrich. joan, you are -- i can see with bated breath, i have never, of all the things i've heard in politics, nothing compares to this one. here's gingrich talking to david brody on, of course, the christian broadcasting network about his past. >> you know the question and i'm not going to ask it the way that everybody asks it, but as it
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relates to the past, and the personality issues, you talked about how god is a forgiving god, and i would like you to expand, as you went through some of those difficulties, how you saw god's forgiving nature in all of that? >> first of all, there's no question that at times in my life, partially driven by how passionately i felt by this country, that i worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate. when i did things that were wrong, i wasn't trapped in situation ethics. i was doing things wrong. i felt compelled to seek god's forgiveness. >> i don't care how far right a person listening now is. i don't care how far they are in the tank for people like gingrich and huckabee t. how deep in the tank, at the bottom of the ocean they can buy this garbage. we've been listening to this
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kenya talk that started with newt and got virally over to huckabee, and they're not saying the old ka gnashed of mistakes were made, but he felt into the sack, because he was so patriotic with his passion, just don't talk about your private life if you don't want to, but don't use the flag. >> don't use god and the flag. >> as somehow the call of your problems and somehow -- i don't even know where to begin. david brody should have vomited at this point and said this is not on my air, i'm going to throw away the tape. nobody is going to believe this garbage. why put it on the air? put it away and start over again. this is crazy talk. i'm going to play it again in a minute, i'm so passionately in love with my country that i got involved and mistakes were made? in the middle of the clinton impeachment, he's messing it around. fine, that's his business, but
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to bring it up so he can run for presidency. >> it's just such rank hypocrisy. how does that fly at home? honey, i thought so -- >> it's garbage. what he's talking about exreply indicate this. explain ha he's saying. >> he's saying that he took his love for his country so versely, he transferred it to a woman that wasn't his wife, but god will forgive him, because he believes in a forgiving god. thank god he believes in a forgiving god, he has so much so forgive, but is there any evidence at all that newt gingrich believes in a forgiving god for anybody but newt gingrich? >> we'll get to that part of his spread of thought. >> he's just unbelievable hypocrite, such a judgmental medieval kind of guy. >> you are so right. he's the one of god and everyone else is secular, atheist
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elitist. john, my cousin, i am thrilled by this. it's the everlasting proof of nonsense. here he is bringing it back in this new light of it had something to do with the flag and patriotism. here he is again. talking about why he got involved with somebody. s let's go. >> in a sense, our judeo christian civilization is under attack. on one front you have a secular atheist elitism and on the other front rad cam islamists, and both would like to eliminate our civilization, but with equal passion. >> on the one front barack obama, all the other references, when he's not accusing obama of
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being a maumau-ist, you've got to be one or the other, don't you? >> are mau mau people elitists? >> apparently they are the ones faithful to their wives and happy families and happy marriages. that sounds like a pretty good argument for the far left. >> what scorecard is this guy using that makes himself godly and barack obama has had one marriage, never gone done thing wrong, never reprimanded by the house of representatives, never had ethical problems up the kazoo, whose kids are perfect, his marriage is wonderous, and this guy has the nerve to call barack obama an atheist secularist, where does he get it from? >> it's almost painful to talk about it, because the hypocrisy is so obvious, but i think the
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political strategy is equally obvious. he knows the opening on the republican side he'll try to fill, is he's going to try to fill the tea party and the christian evangelical part of the party, that piece of the primary and caucus elect rat. in order to do that he's got to put some of stuff behind him. he wants to try to get all of this out on the table as early as possible, and then try to move on from it and get people to forget about it, because he knows there's this thing that could dog him. so he's trying to get it behind him. i agree with you about everything you would about the ham handed to us and the ridiculousness, but that's the strategy, vomit it up right now and move on. >> just one last thought before we get to huckabee, how does he work his way into the church tent? how does he, a guy i never thought of mr. religious, how
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does he work in and grab the what i call the western conference, the religious side? joan first, i'm sorry. what are his bona fides here? >> he claims he's had a conversion to catholicism. god bless him, he's entitled to do that. not even yet a catholic, he got the catholic church to anull his last marriage, to declare it null and void so he could have a third marriage, this time in the catholic church, which my church has a few things to answer for there. that's the kind of hypocrisy. he's pulling strings to have his marriage annulled so he can become the candidate of the christian right. >> you know what that's about, guys. he's also having the adultery annulled. >> can you do that? wow. things i didn't know. >> what i don't like is he joins a new religion and uses it to be exclusionary and put down people. >> to put down people who are
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religious. does joe biden know he's an atheist? >> i don't think anybody knows that joe's an elitist, either. this was tuesday. let's listen. >> this guy is so dumb, he doesn't know that barack obama grew up in indonesia, not kenya, all the way to the other extreme, oh, no, he did this on purpose, he is very smart and shrewd. he did this in a calculating way. tim, i can't by goth, the dumbest guy in the room and the smartest guy in the room. i have to be one or the other. or maybe it was i made a mistake, and i corrected it. >> first of all, you don't give a whole definition of a guy's role with his grandfather and father and mau maus, and say first of all -- he keeps saying things that aren't true. here's huckabee actually saying it on monday, and if this is a
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mistake, it was my marmalade joke. let's get back to steve -- remember the old joke? >> his perspective, as growing up with a kenyans father and grandfather, their view of the revolution in kenya is very different than ours. he probably grew up hearing that the british were a bunch of imperialists. >> oh, slip of the tongue, eh? >> you'll notice his response that -- some people reacted he claimed, some people reacted saying he was so dumb he don't any where obama was raised, and that's the ultimate straw man argument. i think actually it was pretty much universal people said, that was a calculated thing to do, to either sell books or try to court a certain part of the electoral rat. >> to even use the term "mau
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physician mau" is always fund. >> i'm with you, joan, it was ethnic, he has a somewhat exotic name, so he's one of those people, those foreign people in the bush that like to kill white people. there was no doubt what he was doing, and he got caught doing it on a.m. radio. when you say something in the world today, it's an echo chamber. thank you, echo chamber. john, i'm sorry. i know i talked too much too much. you gave you three three and five seconds. these are the duke and the dauphin, the outer elements of the right wing. coming up, pressure is mounting against peter king. his hearings are tomorrow. he's going after the radicalization. they guy's got a bee in his bonnet. one of thinks colleagues, by the way, a great man, will come and talk about what he thinks is going on. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. time.
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welcome back to "hardball." republican congressman peter king of new york will take center stage tomorrow when he holds hearings on what he calls the radicalization of american muslims, but not without facing a barrage of criticism. "new york times" led their front page with an expose on king's past, exposing the past he was once a defender of the i.r.a.
5:17 pm
neil o'dowd is a close friend of peter king, worked with him on the peace accord, but probably hasbro with him on his position right now, saying he's demonizing a group, and jack o'reilly, mayor of dearborn, michigan, home of the largest mosque in america. a good time to have you on, but even though a strange time. i think sometimes our community will always be -- i'm a collins guy, i'm sorry, i was with the treaty, it's the way it is. i grew up that way. i'm a moderate in my soul. people may not believe it. this is what peter king said a long time ago, but it's ultratiff. we must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against british imperialism in
5:18 pm
the streets of bellfast and derry. so there he is not passing blame, saying they're just casual what is basically a military campaign. i know all these arts, you know them, neil. it is a war. what did you make of his decision to do something which i find appalling, to cast this giant net -- it is joe mccarthy, like everybody in the state department is corrupt, every intellectual. my mother used to talk like this occasionally, i know how it goes. your thoughts. >> i think it's a huge mistake, one thing that i learned from northern ireland is you cannot demonize an entire group of people. they were often called a terrorist community, and people took an stream view. within that community there were 90% of the people who wanted a peaceful path and when that path presented itself, they took it and created one of the great peace proses in the 20th century. pete knew that. pete was on the ground.
5:19 pm
he worked with people who were demonized now unfortunately hi seems to have turned back on himself and seemed to demonize people who he should know do not deserve that kind of coverage. obviously with any group 90% of people are not portraying themselves has in favor of terrorism or fascism or anything else. the lesson of what's been happening in the middle east is very clear. we should be encouraging people to help in the countries these come from and basically try to bring people to a democratic understanding, rather than continue to portrayed them as al qaeda types. >> mr. mayor, what do you think will be the reaction of the communities that you represent in dearborn to this kind of -- it's almost a grand character assassination. >> that's a great concern. you know, we've been working through this since 9/11 in terms of our community, our response, and how we come together to deal with the real issues.
5:20 pm
there's been a lot of progress made, but none of the people involved in the process that we've had were invited to these hearings. there was a narrow view taken and i believe the outcome was determined before the fact-finding began. >> there's so many general examples, the italian community 30, 40 years ago, saying we're going to go to any high school and see if there's any talk of the mafia. >> or going back to the irish in the last century, no irish need apply, the catholic church portrayed as rho rashs and hypnotizing people. it's every community. now, unfortunately there's a great working class here in queens. >> why is he doing this? >> i don't know. any time i've talked to him i think after 2001, he just lost the plot. i think he became way too extreme, playing to the peanut gallery, and realizing he could
5:21 pm
get headlines, and it's certainly not the pete king i know and respect. i think he's trying to create a template where he becomes a major player in the congress, but unfortunately he's doing it on the back of people who can least afford it. >> here's his side. we would love to get him on the show on this, but here's peter king's case for having they show trials. let's listen. >> i also want to encourage people in the muslim community to be more aggressive in choosing their leaders. i don't think the leadership are doing an adequate jobs, i in some ways a poor job. there are people in the community who are not fully cooperating, and i'm saying that the victims of that are not just the american community at large, but also muslim americans in particular. >> hi's bited to say that, a good strong case. mayor, what do you make of his charge at that time leaders of
5:22 pm
the muslim-american communities are not helpful? >> it's misinformed. qui frankly we began years ago in dearborn for the whole region convenes all the leaders along with the law enforcement community to have open dialogue. there was a meeting today. meetings are scheduled regularly, almost monthly. the groups come together, and there's frank and honest dialogue, so the things he's saying aren't occurring are occurring. c.a.r.e. and a.b.c., fbi, cia, everyone is at the table. this was such a great model that formed in our area, that it's called bridges, and it's replicated in the major communities that have an arab-american population. this dialogue, this sineie, this effort to come together and make sense and find workable solutions is going on, but none of these people were invited to
5:23 pm
the table to testify. >> let me go back to niall, what do you think of his decision to go after people from all parts of the world and exempting arab christians. i don't know what the whole theory is. he said the religion is what needs to be investigated. the religious community, not even a nationalist roots or anything like that. just the religious area, there are a billion muslims in the world. i keep telling people this isn't a small crowd. it's a billion people in bosnia, all over the world, isn't even part of the middle east. >> there's no votes in the republican parties going after christians of any kind. it was soon after hillary clinton became secretary of state, a group of irish americans spoke with her, talking to how is the the community had brought about the peace process and how it would be influential to talk to their own people at home and create
5:24 pm
the kind of dialogue that the mayo is talking about. not just in america, but acrossed world. that's what pete should be doing. he shouldn't be demonizing, but going to thinks communities and saying how can we help? we've already seen what happened in tahrir square, and their embrace of democracy fundamentals. >> what are you telling your constituents who are that almost -- are you telling them we know you're none, we know we have a condition based on innocence under proven guilty, even if criminal cases. this is a grand social kind of thing, indictment almost of a society. how do you tell people not to feel that this guy, peter king, is calling the shots? >> we take comfort in the fact that there's push-back.
5:25 pm
our own congressman will now be testifying. he's represented dearborn since 1964. we've had a mosque in dearborn for 80 years. we have fourth, fifth, sixth generation of muslims living with us. they're modern american kids. you couldn't pick them out. so this whole fiction that's been created, and the whole thing about shariah law. our big thing that's a bud word -- >> i know these guys, we have the wackies around. they're of the neoconservative bent. guys, it's nice to have you all on. >> i'm irish, too -- >> i know what you are. i think you're great. >> and speaking points with you and president clinton a few months ago -- >> that was a wonderful time. i loved that time with bill clinton over there in ireland.
5:26 pm
i still think he could be elected president of ireland if he put a campaign together over there. thank you, mayor, and thank you, niall. up next, not to be outdone, rick santorum is proving he can't be taken seriously, with a crazy call to bomb libya. let's start bombing in another country. haven't we done enough? santorum. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. hey, aren't you... supposed to be following that fidelity green line?
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it helps the largest of companies seize opportunity like the smallest of startups. it's the network-- the intelligent, secure cisco network that lets your employees, partners, suppliers and customers innovate and share so you can unleash the power of your most valuable asset: your people. back to "hardball" time for "the sideshow." first up, don't cry out loud. james o'keefe made his named ambushing a.c.o.r.n. and planned parenthood. hit latest target -- npr.
5:30 pm
ron shiller was making unflattering remarks. he was led to believe he was meeting with two members of a miss limb organization. here's the edited video posted on projectver tas. veritas. >> the current republican party, particularly the tea party, is fanatically involved in people's personal lives, and very fundamental and christian -- i wouldn't even call it christian. it's this we're evan yell cal kind of movie. the current republican party is note really the republican party -- >> it's been hijacked by this group, this -- >> the radical, raye -- >> i mean, basically they are -- they believe they're white middle america, gun-toting -- it's very scary.
5:31 pm
well, in the video showing repeatedly saying these are his personal opinions. nevertheless, both schiller and npr's ceo resigned from their positions. republicans are using the incident to renew efforts to cut npr's funding. santorum delirium? once again, here he is yesterday outlining his strategy on libya. >> well, reagan bombed libya. >> yes, and tried to take him out. >> right. if you want to be reaganesque, it seems like the past is clear. >> anyone that says the path for us is clear in libya has forgotten the mistake in -- when they want is to intervene, that's when we should think about going in there, not a nanosecond sooner.
5:32 pm
if you're a democrat in congress, not to the senator from west virginia. when asked if he would support the president's reelection, whoever the president is, i support. that's my president. democrat, republican, george bush, and every american should take that approach. when pressed against, manchin deflected again. i've got to wonder why he's not willing to at least say he hopes to vote for obama. i would think that guts ought to count for something in west virginia. maybe not. up next, a lot of calls from both sides of the aisle for president obama to take stronger action. we'll get to that. why is the president holding back? i think he's smart, at least on the libya part. is he being too cautious on the budget and libya? we fight that on you in a minute. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. of this community. re/max agents know their markets,
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i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks bobbing around. dow jones industrial average slipping a point, the s&p 500 down closer to two points, nasdaq sinking 14. no big economic news or earnings driving the markets today. oil prices easesed by about a dollar. retailers advancing after bonton posted profits, and aeropostal signed a deal. the tech sector was under pressure after texas instruments narrowed its first-quarter guidian. ibm jumped more than 2% after brokerages raised their targets. chip makers had been seeing sporadic gains in the past few queex.
5:37 pm
one analyst said we could be working at a short and shallow reversal. the philly semikickedor index down about 3%. now back to "hardball." amplts why are we doing all this when the most powerful person in these negotiations, our president, has failed to lead this debate or offered a serious proposal for spending and cuts he would be willing to fight for. >> there's an interesting development right there. welcome back to "hardball." that was joe manchin, criticizing the president for not getting more involved. today both budget bills were voted down by the senate. other democrats have also called for the president to get into the fray. what's the best strategy for the president, and for those up for
5:38 pm
reelection in 2012. ron christie is a republican strategist. >> thank you, you both have something to offer here. ron, i'll give you the first dib. i think this might be your best night ever. let's take something boring, the president is holding back with the theory is, i guess, let the republicans take it on the chin for the unpopular budget cuts, i'll join them at the right time, they have the first move. >> i think you're right. >> is that a bad strategy? >> it's a terrible strategy. it's a great political strategy, but one beref of leadership. the people are recognizing we have serious problems, we can't afford a lot of the parameters. no one wants to touch the third rail. the president didn't touch it in his budget, i only -- >> does the public want us to do it? >> yes, they do. >> what poll are you looking on? >> hang on a second, guys, i looked at a gallup poll today.
5:39 pm
62% said they think the government is spending too much, but they didn't get too entitlements. i think he recognize we cannot sustain the amount of money for medicare, social security in the interests -- >> every time i look at the polls, the minute you say most people do not have savings, they live on social security, they certainly live on medicare. which programs are you going to cut? which one of my mother's treatments are you going to deny her? this gets real. >> exactly. when it gets real is when the problem starts. right now the conversation doesn't include entitlements, and the white house is doing that by design. 9 democrats in the senate want to -- >> 4.7. >> i'm sorry? >> see, there's a discrepancy. i think the president should bring in the c pans cameras and
5:40 pm
have them sit down and explain why they want to cut the programs, and he should demonstrate leadership. i think at the end of the day that's what's going to happen. >> why wouldn't you say that why shouldn't the president lead? he presents a budget every year. isn't he job to argue for what he thinks the government should be spending. does he believe that's the right number? does he believe the numbers he's proposing should be the bottom line? >> i think there's a bit of gamesmanship on both sides. he knows -- >> are we going to get something done for the country in whist all over? >> yes, yes. >> if we're doing the best job we can in congress, meeting the needs of the people that builds some kind of business confidence. isn't that what we need? >> but let me agree with steve on this. i think the president should bring the leadership in, so
5:41 pm
people can see what the difficult decisions are. >> this is disturbing to obama people. i have long argued for about two days now, i have long believed despite the president's personal popularity, people like him personally, a thin majority who sore of agree with him, that's there a huge objective problem he faces, this sense of average americans, people watching this show, no matter what their sentiment is toward him, they worry about the objective reality of this country, are we going down? that's a question that's again to haunt in country for the next two years before the election. look at they numbers, among independent voters, he's dropped from 47 to 37. that's quite a drop. what's happened in the last month? >> i think ruth marcus had it right in her column. where she said this is the
5:42 pm
"where's waldo?" presidency? he hasn't let strongly on libya, hasn't led strongly on the budget fight, hasn't articulated his sense of principles? >> why not? >> why not? because i think he's trying to of it both ways. he wants to be personally popular, but it's not working. that's exactly why. >> let's go to something that will light up the charts. libya -- here's mccain, kerry and mcconnell, all urging a stronger u.s. response. let's watch the heavyweights in foreign policy. >> you have called for some kind of intervention, a no-fly zone. do you still maintain that position? >> yes, i do. we have called for that. >> i think we need to do several things. one, prepare a no-fly zone in conjunction with our allies, not
5:43 pm
implement it. i would only consider its implementation if gadhafi himself were using it as a means of terror, as a means of massacring large number of civilians. >> the other option that john kerry alluded to in passing that i think we used frequently is simply aiding and arming the insurgents. >> okay. everybody says to do -- it's just like the beginning of "gone with the wind" the southern boys going let's go in, and at the end of the war, they're dragging their puts back. that's the history of every war. nobody thinks the iraq war is a great war. i think afghanistan wins the majority, but the idea of going into libya and shooting down planes, collateral damage, killing people on the ground, it looks like somalia again, good cause, terrible results. >> i think you're absolutely right. >> what do you think? why is the up being pushed by the so-called middle?
5:44 pm
why is john kerry talking -- >> there's something about preparing and -- he's saying let's be ready in case he turns out to be is a dam. he's not saying let's do a no-fly zone, less 'arm the insurgents. >> so you both agree, don't go in until the arab league says go in. >> but no-fly zones don't necessarily work. you had thousands of muslims slaughtered by the bosnians, it doesn't work. >> shakes hands. unless and even then i want the arab league to go in. >> exactly. >> thank you, ron christie, and steve mcmahon. a wonderful show. newly released e-mails suggest he might be willing to deal around the edge, but karl rove wants to go to total war.
5:45 pm
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pat quinn has abolished the death penalty, signing into law a historic ban. that makes illinois the 15th state to do away with any executions. it comes 11 years after republican governor george ryan suspended the death penalty in that state. quinn also commuted the sentencing to life without parole. we'll be right back. ♪
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5:49 pm
tv ad attacking unions, and the relationships with democrats in an attempt to defame, well -- reframe i guess is the right word, the debate in wisconsin. in that state e-mails released by the governor shows he appears to be ready to negotiate with the democrats in the legislature. is progress being made? eugene robinson is a columnist for "the washington post," and david korn writing for mother jones. gentlemen, we have the heavyweights here. i've heard this is a really good, i haven't seen it yesterday, portion of a crossroads ad, apparently really it sticks it to the democrats. let's watch for the enjoyment of some. >> why did a democrat spokesman say. >> you having to bloody when necessary. >> why are they shutting down a state capital? a system that collects hundreds of millions in mandatory dues to
5:50 pm
back liberals who support government unions. >> they made phone calls for me. they turned out the vote for me. >> all right. there's a part of that which was pretty effective, saying blood in the streets. that reminded capuano saying blood in the streets. is that going to work among middle class voters who matter? >> they're trying to evoke this image of union goons. it may work with some people. i think the evidence on the ground in wisconsin suggests that the tide isn't exactly going -- >> i think they should show the crash room in "casino" where all the teamster money went in kansas city. >> "good fellows." the issue here is the unionized workers as they demonize them in this ad are not the teamster corrupt dockworkers of the movie. they're nurses, they're
5:51 pm
firefighters, schoolteachers that people like. the polling shows that scott walker is in a terrible position. >> in a statement, the next day capuano said, i strongly believe in standing up if for worker rights and my passion for preserving those rights may have gotten the best of me in an unscripted speech. i wish i had used a different language to express my passion and i regret my choice of words. he got away from that. but it's still on the tape. and in wisconsin, they don't know who capuano is, but they see these words. >> and i'm sure the accent helps in an ad like that. >> the polls do indicate that public sentiment in wisconsin and more broadly is not running with governor walker right now. >> walker is down from 43 to 43. i worked with a union crew with spike lee. doing ads for this show. and i notice there cease some
5:52 pm
really good nings about unions. first of awll, you get a lunch break. and i realized, i said, how come we're having this great lunch right in the middle of the shooting? somebody said well, they've got a union here. >> in the ad, it says unionized workers, 42% more pay. well, a lot of that pay is benefits. it means health care, dental, vacation. the stuff that most people want. and they don't get because they're not unionized. >> let me tell you this, i'm familiar with this. a lot of people get union pay that aren't unions because there's unions setting the marker. >> that's true. why do unions think this is an important battle? because they get 42% more than nonunionized workers. >> pillically, let's talk about the politics. the president suffered a drop the last month among independents. i wonder if there's collateral damage here. do you think it's possible despite the fact that people root for the idea of collective
5:53 pm
bargaining as a principle, they do worry about the downstream, down the road costs of big pension deals. eddie rendell was talking about that before as governor. i talk to mayors, people tell you the big problem of being a mayor, most of your money goes to paying for the pension or health care of maybe the widow of somebody who worked for the city 20 years ago. and it's fair, but it isn't always accountable in terms of what they have to pay. they don't have the money. >> but in wisconsin, the unions were willing to discuss that. it was just giving up the right to have negotiations that was the breaking point. >> we'll come back -- you speak for the democrats, are they coming back from somewhere down stage? this seems ludicrous. this is something that only happens in a banana republic. when are we going to have a legislature meeting in wisconsin deciding this? >> the news today is that scott walker leaked e-mails making it look like he's reasonable. but if he's reasonable, he can say i'm willing to negotiate. i'm not going to rush this bill
5:54 pm
through. come back and let's negotiate. >> i think those e-mails indicate the governor wants to settle this. >> he's letting them argue about mandatory overtime and things like that. >> this is stuff that was not negotiab negotiable, as far as the governor said a couple of weeks ago. now it's negotiable. >> he's in trouble. >> the pr is working against the governor. thank you, eugene robinson. and thank you david corn. when we return, let me finish with a nasty talking points coming from the right wing wannabes, huckabee and newt gingrich. the duke and the dauphin of the back country. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 80% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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let me finish tonight with this horrible ongoing lentless nastiness we're getting from huckabee and newt gingrich. newt started this kenya talk, this mau mauing of the president, this insidious charge he's not an american, not one of us, but a product of the 1950s, bush war against the british, that he's an african killer of white people, ambushing them in their homes and offices without mercy or sympathy. this is what newt calls the predict i have model of barack obama's conduct. if you want to know what the president will do on any issue, think mau mau, think killer of white people, think savage. it's this that huckabee picked up on like you would pick up an old cigarette butt in the street looking for a few more drags on
5:59 pm
it. it's this behavior of thought, if you can cowl call it that, that delves down to the lowest charge you can make about obama, picking it up from the gutter until you do it again and again until you're caught and have to say oops. it was just a mistake. these dreadful krupg of our politics are going this way because it will talk them into the national debates and the republicans will wish they didn't have them in their company. that duke and the dauphin now working the cable circuit the way the charlatans worked the riverboats. they know obama was born here. they know he was never met a mau mau. they know he never lived in kenya, never met his father, had his father a i bah don him at age 2. they know all this. but they spout their predictive models and cover for their mistakes because it's what sells. that element of the right that feeds on anything that can be thrown at the president. i wonder where they got these ideas, the idea that a


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